(work in progress) Hierdie is sekerlik een van die moeilikste vrae om te antwoord, veral as jy oor jouself moet skryf…

Gabriel J Marais born 25 October 1976 is a consultant in the Internet Service Provider industry, widely regarded as a magician, making magic, in order to deliver solutions to customers. In a remarkable career, he has built several ISP’s both locally as well as in neighbouring countries. In 2014 he decided to return to solo consultancy wherehe still serves a few select companies.

Gabriel was born in Odendaalsrus, Free State in 1976. As a youngster, he grew up in a traditional (mostly) Afrikaans middle-class home. His father being Afrikaans and his Mother being English. As a youngster, he enjoyed partaking in many different sports like Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Swimming and Karate placing academics at the bottom of his priority list. Later on, Gabriel focused primarily on Karate receiving his colours in High School at the age of 17. He ended the sport a few years later.

After matriculating, Gabriel started working as a clark at an electrical armature winding company. This was a great opportunity to earn income whilst searching for a job in the IT industry. Soon afterwards he started working in a computer shop as a technician for two years and then he made his way into sales. He excelled in sales since since he had the technical knowledge to support the sale. A few years later, he got an opportunity at a mining company in their IT department. His corporate career started at the bottom as a technician but very soon after starting, he started training into computer networks and infrastructure as well as servers. As his training progressed, so did his position in the company soon to be in charge of networks for the group which spanned across the country. As the company grew, their head office moved to Johannesburg and Gabriel was amongst the first two people to relocate to Johannesburg to join the Head Office team.

In 2003, Gabriel resigned and started his first company as an Internet Service Provider with another partner. The company was based on the West Rand and soon expanded to Nelspruit where a third partner joined his company. Soon afterwards Gabriel sold his share in the company and set off to work at a few different Internet Service Providers in the country as well as bordering countries, building ISP’s.

In 2006, Gabriel started his own consultancy company still focussing on the ISP industry but now adding Application development in the banking sector. For a few years, his company employed over 12 people.

In 2013 Gabriel decided to downscale his company and return to solo consultancy where he still serves a few select key customers providing solutions in all industries and markets in South Africa.